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Water as a Resource
Water As A Service Focus Area

Photo: Ray Mathis

Water is our most vital resource and also our ultimate connector – it links us to our neighbors, other species, and the landscape. Our region faces numerous water related challenges exacerbated by climate change. Chicago Wilderness conservation experts work together to improve water quality, reduce negative storm water impacts, and recharge our region’s aquifers.

Progress thus far

  • characterized the major water challenges for the region
  • began compiling and analyzing existing examples of potential solutions for regional application
  • convened 13 organizations to outline activities for 2016

2020 Goals

  • spatially based regional framework
  • status & trends understood
  • research underway-critical questions
  • members & partners significantly contributing to solving regional water issues through conservation action
  • relevant tools in place

Metrics (Examples)

  • ecosystem quality & health
  • level of stormwater/flood damage
  • avoided costs