Metropolitan Greenspaces Alliance

More people live in metropolitan regions today than ever before, and conserving nature in these regions is increasingly challenging, but also offers great opportunities. We must think about cities and the human-built environment as not being separate from, but rather interconnected with, the natural environment, and what that implies for people and nature in urban areas.

Chicago Wilderness is a leading member of the Metropolitan Greenspaces Alliance (MGA), a national group of conservation coalitions working across the Chicago, Cleveland, Houston, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Portland and San Francisco areas. Chicago Wilderness helped form this aggregate of over 550 organizations that serves regions comprised of 30 million people. 

Collectively, MGA coalitions are impacting many critical issues facing metropolitan regions across the United States today. MGA members work across complex landscapes that are ecologically, culturally, and economically diverse to:

  • Help residents become more active and healthy through outdoor recreation and nature exploration;
  • Clean our air and protect our water supplies;
  • Restore nature and conserve biodiversity;
  • Provide safe places for children to play in nature;
  • Find “green” solutions to our infrastructure challenges;
  • Reduce and mitigate the effects of climate change;
  • Create non-motorized travel options that reduce transportation costs and our dependence on foreign oil; and
  • Engage diverse communities in environmental stewardship.

Together, the coalitions leverage funding and increase the impact and efficiency of conservation investments in metropolitan environments.

Learn more about the members of the Metropolitan Greenspaces Alliance.