Honors and Awards


Inspired Collaboration for the Earth Award, presented by the Institute for Conservation Leadership

The Institute for Conservation Leadership (ICL) honored the Chicago Wilderness alliance for collaborative conservation that is “creative, visionary, and highly effective.” ICL acknowledged Chicago Wilderness as a collaboration that engages diverse and non-traditional allies, uses creative approaches to advance broad goals, and effects positive changes that happen because alliance members are working together.


Secretary of the Interior’s Partners in Conservation Award

Chicago Wilderness received this award for making exceptional contributions in achieving conservation goals through collaboration and partnering. The alliance was honored for “leadership in implementing large-scale, positive changes for the people and natural environment of the Chicago metropolitan area.”

Hutchinson Medal, presented by the Board of Directors of the Chicago Horticultural Society and the Chicago Botanic Garden

The Hutchinson Medal is given "to recognize outstanding leadership or professional accomplishment that has been significant in furthering horticulture, plant science, or conservation." In recognizing Chicago Wilderness, the Board of Directors of the Chicago Horticultural Society acknowledged, "From its inception, Chicago Wilderness has had an incredible impact on enhancing educational and conservation initiatives for the region and beyond. In doing so, it has become a nationally recognized model for collaboration on regional environmental issues."


Kodak American Greenways Award, presented by Eastman Kodak Company, The Conservation Fund and the National Geographic Society

Chicago Wilderness received this award for exemplary leadership in the enhancement of our nation’s outdoor heritage.


The City Council of the City of Chicago Resolution, in recognition of Chicago Wilderness’ 10th Anniversary, May 2010

Friends of Ryerson Woods Award, in recognition of Chicago Wilderness’s 10th Anniversary


Partnership Award, in recognition of the 2040 Regional Framework Plan, Building the Future One Community at a Time, presented by Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission


Outstanding Partner Organization Award, presented by USDA Forest Service in celebration of the USDA Forest Service Centennial


State of the Lakes Ecosystem Conference (SOLEC) Award, in recognition of Exceptional & Distinguished Achievement in Great Lakes Ecosystem Improvement, presented by the Canadian and American Consuls General

SOLEC recognized Chicago Wilderness for its strong commitment to improving the environment within the Great Lakes basin. Among other things, SOLEC acknowledged the alliance for improving the integrity of the Great Lakes ecosystem; and for forging linkages between the environment, community, and the economy.  


National Planning Award, in recognition of the Biodiversity Recovery Plan for the Chicago Wilderness Region, presented by the American Planning Association

The American Planning Association recognized the Biodiversity Recovery Plan as a tool that furthers the field of planning and helps create communities of lasting value.