Photo credit: Janet and Phil (Creative Commons)

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What You Can Do

Enjoy the many recreational opportunities our waterways offer

Volunteer to join a beach Clean-up Day

Use rain barrels

Garden with native plants

Reduce your use of pesticides

Conserve water

Still and Moving Waters: A Natural Treasure

Lake Michigan is the sixth largest lake in the world. The lake and its surrounding beach and dune communities sustain rare populations of plants and fish and are key points on the route of millions of migratory birds each year.

Several endangered and threatened species live in the lakes, streams, and rivers of the Chicago Wilderness region including small fish like shiners and rainbow darters and mussels like the creek heelsplitter. Rivers are also homes to fish like smallmouth and largemouth bass.

The waterways of Chicago Wilderness:

  • supply clean drinking water
  • support manufacturing and other key industries every day
  • offer numerous opportunities for outdoor recreation

Our region’s waters have been polluted by waste and muddied with sediment from run-off. They are threatened by invasive species. The protection of these waterways is critical to our quality of life, and to the preservation of our natural heritage for future generations.