Chicago Wilderness Releases 2011-12 Annual Report

Cover of Chicago Wilderness' 2011-12 Annual ReportThe 2011-2012 Chicago Wilderness Annual Report highlights the alliance’s great successes over the past two years. The report celebrates recent victories in each of the four initiatives: Greening Infrastructure, Leave No Child Inside, Restoring Nature and Climate Action, as well as national recognition for our region’s renown as a leader in urban conservation.

While celebrating recent accomplishments and thanking donors and members of the Chicago Wilderness Corporate Council, the report also lays out a vision for the next 20 years. As the report shows, the state of Chicago Wilderness is strong, thanks to the diverse member organizations and visionary founders who set the alliance on the right path.

Read more from the annual report. For best viewing, once you open the PDF file, click on “View” in the toolbar and choose “Full Screen Mode”.

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