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We work with hundreds of organizations and people across the region on conservation strategy. Learn how it all works and how to get involved.

How do I join Chicago Wilderness?

Nonprofits, public sector agencies, and businesses interested in joining our efforts can apply for membership by completing this online application. Chicago Wilderness does not have a membership program for individuals. Membership applications are reviewed for approval on a quarterly basis.

Can individuals join Chicago Wilderness?

No, but you can participate in other ways. Find out more.

What are the benefits of joining Chicago Wilderness?

Members of Chicago Wilderness join our regional efforts to protect, improve, and expand natural resources in our region. By working collectively, we are able to harness adaptive and innovative thinking, apply solid science, and connect diverse constituencies.

In addition to this regional impact, members also receive access to the Chicago Wilderness member portal, an online system where members communicate with each other, work collaboratively on projects, plan meetings, share resources, and new member news & events.

How much are member dues?

Member dues vary based on an organizations desired level of participation. For nonprofit organizations and public sector agencies, click here. For businesses, click here.

How do I contact Chicago Wilderness?

Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions by emailing